Review is an online writing services provider. The company promises to deliver 100% original and unique college papers at truly pocket-friendly prices. Our team of highly skilled reviewers has thoroughly reviewed this company so that you can make a smart decision when you need assistance with your assignments.

This review should serve as a starting guide that you can analyze and see if this company truly suits your needs. We have analyzed many factors such as quality of the papers offered, the prices charged but even details pertaining to customer service. We hope the information provided in this review will help you make a smart choice whenever you need an essay, a college paper or even a more complex dissertation.

Services offered promises that all papers are written by some of the best writers out there. The writers have important diplomas from recognized universities, and each paper is written by an expert in the field. For example, if you need a paper in History, your assignment will be completed by a writer with a higher degree in History, Philosophy and Social Sciences.

Instantassignmenthelp’s services are categorized based on subjects. The available main subjects include: assignment subject, management, engineering, essays, law subjects, and assignment by cities. Then, there are many sub-topics for each main category, and some of these include: law, nursing, economics, English, Fashion, Online strategy, Corporate Culture, Mathematics, Database, Geography, Physics, Arts, Architecture, Algebra, Anthropology and many other. As you can easily note, the company covers all major subjects and sub-topics from high-school, college and university levels.

This review will also disclose some of the other writing services provided that you can choose from:

  • Accounting Assignment Help
  • Business Assignment Help
  • Economics Assignment Help
  • HR and Finances Assignment Help
  • Marketing, Management and Statistics Assignment Help
  • Full range of Engineering Assignment Help

Prices and Discounts has a separate section where all the prices are displayed. In a disclaimer posted on the website, the experts state that their prices are up to 40% cheaper, when compared to other writing services in the same range. They also promise they never compromise on the quality of the services offered, by always delivering 100% original and high-quality solutions for students.

There are three major writing quality levels available: First Class Standard, 2:1 Standard and 2:2 Standard. The prices differ based on the quality level needed and the deadline requested. Prices start at $10.53 per page at first class standard with a deadline of 30 days. We highly recommend you to choose such a long deadline, whenever you need to complete a Dissertation or Thesis paper for example. By placing your order in time, you will manage to save a lot of money.

The prices for First Class Standard can reach even $26.14 per page for a 1 day deadline. It is recommended to use this deadline mainly when you need to complete shorter papers on extremely urgent deadlines (such as a short essay or a term paper). Papers at all quality levels are delivered by highly experienced assignment writers with degrees such as MA, MS, MBA or Ph.D. diplomas.

Let’s check out some more prices:

  • First Class Standard quality:$25.22/page for 2 days deadline, $21.53/page for 5 days and $19.99/page for 6 days
  • 2:1 Standard quality writing: $21.68/page for 1 day deadline, $2.15 for 3 days and $16.58 for 6 days
  • 2:2 Standard quality: $17.85/page for 1 day deadline, $16.59/page for 3 days, and $14.70/page for 5 days deadline.

We did not see any additional or scale based discounts available. However, when you visit theĀ Instantassignmenthelp website for the first time, you will be prompted and offered an instant 25% discount on your first order.

Customer Service

On the main site, there are enlisted a toll-free number that you can use to contact customer service. One of our experts called in order to test Instantassignmenthelp customer service. They answered the phone quite fast, and we received detailed responses to all our questions. We were also told that the company has developed an App that we can download for free, and by using this app to place orders we receive 5% discount on all orders. We also talked to their best assignment writer and further asked about the topics available.

Next, the company also has an instant chat option available. You will see the chat window in the right corner, and by clicking on the window you will be able to talk directly to an expert assignment writer. We tested the chat option as well, and we can say the representatives answered very fast and they were ready to assist us with everything.

They even have an “Email Us” button that you can use to communicate via electronic mail. There are students who specifically do not wish to call directly or to chat, so they can use the email option. An assignment writer will promptly respond to your email, and send you all the information that you need.

Quality of the papers

With each review we perform, we like to check out the quality of the services offered. Therefore, we asked for a free sample, but we were told Instantassignmenthelp do not offer such samples. Then, we placed an order for an essay in American History. We received a 5-page essay within 3 days, and the essay was written well. The paper contained all the required citations, and it had a separate Title Page and Bibliography page.

We also placed another order for a term paper in Psychology. The paper was shorter but the quality was very good. The assignment included all the required bibliography and editing was very good. The writers also included some external references from specialized journals, and we highly appreciated this. They also included a short graphic and statistic references were also present. The term paper was successfully written, edited and proofread and our expert reviewer could not find any mistake.



At Instantassignmenthelp, you will find some of the assignment writers who can help with your project. The company has a responsive customer service and the representatives are very friendly. For any question you might have, you should call them or contact them via chat. We also liked that they offer seasonal discounts and further discounts by using the App.

We are also satisfied with the quality of the papers we received, although we could not check the quality in all topics/subjects. They also offer free consultancy online, which means they will help you place your order and select the most suitable writer for your paper. However, we do recommend you should place your orders in time especially if you want to save money. There is a difference of almost $10/page between the 1 day deadline and the 30-days deadline. Good luck with your academic papers and enjoy reading our reviews to make the best choice.

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