About Assignment Writer Services

Welcome to our writing services reviews portal! We are a team of former students who decided to start reviewing different online writing services. We understand firsthand how frustrating it is when you need help with an assignment, the deadline is getting close and you still haven’t written one page yet…So we are here to put an end to your fear, anxiety and frustration.

We were students at some pointand we also needed a lot of help with writing tons of assignments: essays, research papers, complex Dissertations and articles on different subjects. We have researched the whole virtual world to find the best assignment writer. We went through several trial and errors. We sometimes hiredthe right service offering quality work at affordable prices, but at other times we also stumbled upon very poor qualityservices which were expensive too.

This is why we have decided to set up this portal- to help you make a well informed decision each time you need help with your college papers. Read carefully our professional reviews, and choose the service that best suits your needs and available budget. There are also several important criteria we have used to create these reviews. Let’s check out below these important review factors:

Main services offered

One of the most important criteria when searching for quality assignmentwriters, is to check the range of services offered by a certain company. For each review we created, we have included a full list of writingservices offered. This will help you check if the respective company can be of any help.

The greatest majority of writing services we reviewed offer the following services:essay writing, article writing, research papers, Dissertation writing, Thesis writing, Book and Movie reviews, Term papers and plenty more. We have also ensured that these papers are written by the best assignment writers who have higher degree qualificationssuch as MA, MBA, BA or PhD diplomas.

Prices charged

We understand that students in general have limited budgets.This is why we have thoroughly reviewed the prices charged by these companies, in order to help you see how much exactly you need to pay for an assignment. All of the services we reviewed contain a full list with the exact prices, and we tried to avoid companies that charge extra fees or hidden charges. Prices start from as little as $10 per page, and can reach $50 or more, depending on the quality level required, topic needed and other such factors. We also reviewed many companieswhere you can choose your preferredassignment writer based on customer reviews and main academic qualification.

Customer service details

For each professional review we create, we always thoroughly test customer service. In our opinion customer service is extremely important. Students need to be able to communicate with the assignment writer working on their project, and they need to be able to contact representatives for certain questions and concerns.

Each of our reviews contains the specific contact details of the respective company, including phone number, email address or instant chat details (if available). This way, you can rest assured that you can talk to an expert whenever you wish by using the respective contact details.

Quality of the papers offered

We always go the extra mile and test everything to the smallest detail for you. For example, we like to ask for samples and check them thoroughly for any small mistakes or stylistic errors. We want to ensure that the quality offered lives up to our standards. If there are no free samples available, we generally ask the best assignment writer to complete for us an order.

We pay for this order and then our in-house editors and experts thoroughly check the paper. If we are not satisfied with the quality offered, we ask for a free revision. In case the revised work still does not fit our requirements, we will categorize the respective service as offering poor quality work. You can rest assured that each our quality testing is extremely in-depth and detailed.

Reasons that speak in favor of choosing a given service

For each company we review, we enlist all those important positive factors that make it worthwhile to hire the respective company. Ourreviewers start by analyzing carefully the website of the company and picking out the best highlights that are worth mentioning. We also talk to the assignment writers at the respective company and ask them to give us a few reasons that make them stand out of the crowd.

Some of the reasons we typically enlist in this section might include:

  • 24/7 customer service- we consider it veryimportant that students should be able to communicate with experts any moment of the day or night
  • Discounts offered- there are companies thatoffer even 25% first order discounts, or several scale based discounts (5%, 10% or 15% depending on the type of order). We consider these discounts help students save a lot of money
  • Friendliness and experience- when we contact arepresentative at a writing company, we want him to be extremely friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. We do not like rude custom service representatives!
  • Being able to choose among the best assignment writers- students should have the freedom to select their preferred writer to get help with their assignment. If you want a writerspecialized in Economics with a PhD degree, you should be able to find one without problems.
  • Native English speakers- all of the writing companies we review have in their team only highly skilled Native English speakers with high degree diplomas.

These are only a few of the details we include in our reviews. You are welcome to check out a few reviews and see for yourself how thorough and educational they are. We really hope our review will open up your horizons and help you find the most suitable writer for your needs. Enjoy a wide range of services covered and the best possible prices. We guarantee our reviews are 100% unbiased and original.